20% CBD Oil


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20% CBD Oil

Key benefits

Broad-spectrum, 20% CBD oil
Extracted from certified organic hemp
Non-detectable THC (0.01%) guaranteed
Organic MCT carrier oil
Third-party lab testing

Product overview

Our 20% CBD oil is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to enhance their daily intake of this potent, all-natural extract. It contains pure organic MCT carrier oil together with broad-spectrum cannabidiol oil (CBD) produced from certified organic hemp.

The presence of several different cannabinoids in broad-spectrum 20% CBD oil allows the molecules to interact to create a “entourage effect.” This implies that all of the active ingredients—including strong plant terpenes—work together to enhance the inherent qualities of the oil.

We guarantee non-detectable THC levels (0.01%) in our high-quality 20% CBD oil, which satisfies your demands day or night and is backed by comprehensive independent scientific testing.

How much 20% CBD oil should I take?

Each person’s experience varies depending on their height, weight, and motivations for using cannabidiol oil. At first, we advise taking two to five drops of our 20% CBD oil each time you use it, up to eight drops daily.

About 8 milligrammes of CBD Oil 20% are included in one drop. The recommended dosages differ from nation to nation based on local laws and regulations. For instance, the FSA in the UK advises a maximum daily dosage of 70 mg; the EIHA in Europe suggests significantly greater doses; and in the USA, where the FDA does not regulate CBD, there is no set amount. Since taking high doses over 70mg of CBD increases the likelihood of suffering negative side effects, we advise consumers to begin with a small daily dosage of 10mg of CBD and work their way up to find their sweet spot.

Not appropriate for women who are nursing or pregnant. Consult a healthcare provider before using if you take prescription medication or have a pre-existing medical condition.

What strength of CBD Oil should I choose?

`Right now, you are looking at 20%–2000 mg of CBD oil. You may select the best product based on how much CBD you use each day by referring to the table below, which also provides the most value for your money.


Product Bottle Size mg of CBD per bottle mg of CBD per drop
5% CBD oil 10/ 30 ml 500/ 1500 2,08
10% CBD oil 10/ 30 ml 1000/ 3000 4,17
15% CBD oil 10/ 30 ml 1500/ 4500 6,25
20% CBD oil 10/ 30 ml 2000/ 6000 8,33
30% CBD oil 10/ 30 ml 3000/ 9000 12,5
40% CBD oil 10/ 30 ml 4000/ 12000 16,67

How do I take CBD Oil 20%?

Just put the required number of drops of CBD Oil 20% beneath your tongue using the pipette, and wait a minute before swallowing. Recall that a drop is a single droplet of liquid, not the pipette as a whole.

What does CBD Oil 20% work well with?

Our CBD Cookies are the ideal afternoon pick-me-up if you’re looking to consume CBD on the fly. Full of crispy crisps, chocolate chips, and a whopping 25 milligrammes of CBD, these are the sweetest way to get your CBD fix, whether you’re at work, home, or right after the gym.

Are you still unsure if you selected the proper strength of CBD oil? Here, you can view all of our carefully crafted and put through rigors testing CBD oils.

Broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), Organic MCT oil.

CBD Oil 20% nutritional information

Why choose Naturecan’s 20% CBD Oil?

Product FAQs

Is 20% CBD oil the highest strength?

The strongest CBD oil offered by Naturecan is not 20%, or 2000 mg. Still, it’s a terrific option for those who want to save money on their daily dosage while increasing their intake.

There are many different strengths of cannabidiol oil, so you may choose from a wide variety of solutions based on your specific needs, such as your budget, frequency of use, and level of expertise with CBD. Choose the CBD oil that best suits your needs by looking through our selection below:

5% CBD Oil

10% CBD Oil

15% CBD Oil

30% CBD Oil

40% CBD Oil

Does CBD oil have any side effects?

While there are no significant side effects and CBD oil is safe, some people may suffer changes in appetite or diarrhoea. But typically, this is because people who are new to CBD are taking large doses or using low-quality CBD. The quality and purity of Naturecan’s 20% CBD oil are verified by independent lab testing.

It’s crucial to remember that CBD can interact with a number of medications, so before beginning to consume CBD oil, talk to your doctor about your needs.

Do you use pure or raw oil?

Expertly extracted from the cannabis plant, before being purified and distilled, our broad-spectrum CBD is a quality raw plant ingredient. Only then do we combine it with pure organic MCT carrier oil to improve bioavailability – helping your body to absorb and reap the benefits of CBD.

Do you use Sativa or Indica?

We utilise sativa since it naturally contains a lot of CBD and comparatively little THC. This increases the quantity of CBD we can extract and facilitates the process of removing undesired THC from our CBD oil products to levels that are undetectable (0.01%).

Additional information


30ml – 6000 mg CBD, 10ml – 2000mg CBD


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