THC Vape Pen – Maui Wowie (Sativa): 5mg THC + 500mg CBD


  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effect*
  • 500mg full spectrum CBD per pen
  • 5mg of THC per pen (sativa)*
  • 2 grams disposable pen
  • Approximately 800 puffs per pen
  • Ceramic coil with 2mL capacity
  • Rechargeable / Disposable

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THC Vape Pen – Maui Wowie (Sativa): 5mg THC + 500mg CBD

The goal of our Maui Wowie Sativa Vape Pen is to satisfy your cannabis needs while maintaining compliance with legal THC limitations. You can also benefit from the relaxing wellbeing effects of full spectrum CBD with this handy vape pen. Additionally, you receive all the uplifting effects of a quality sativa cannabis strain in a discreet, user-friendly vape pen!**
Simple to recharge with a Micro USB (not included) and no buttons to press. Just take off the shield and breathe in.
At this time, we are unable to mail vape supplies to addresses in California. We regret any inconvenience this has caused.

The Benefits of Our Delta-9 THC Vape Pen + CBD: Maui Wowie Sativa

Because of the way CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it offers a variety of health benefits. This is especially true for full spectrum CBD, which has all the beneficial elements found in hemp plants, such as flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and omega-3 fatty acids. Together with the wellness advantages of the endocannabinoid system, THC has the ability to improve mood, especially when combined with sativa strains like Maui Wowie. Because of the inherent soothing qualities of both CBD and THC, products like our CBD + Delta-9 Sativa Pen are excellent for unwinding and taking in the day.**

Mood Elevation

Excitation and elevating one’s mood are two common effects of cannabis sativa strains. The subdued soothing benefits of CBD are perfectly complemented by these uplifting, tranquil effects.**


Both the body and the mind may benefit from full spectrum CBD oil’s relaxing effects.Additionally calming, delta-9 THC makes this combination ideal for a laid-back “chill” session.**

Overall Wellness

In order to support the body in maintaining homeostasis, or balance, in a number of vital systems and organs, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system. In addition, THC provides a number of wellness advantages, such as stress reduction and improved sleep.**


What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

The CBD oil that is extracted straight from the buds, leaves, and stalks of the cannabis hemp plant is known as full spectrum CBD. All of hemp’s beneficial chemical components, such as flavonoids, terpenes, all cannabinoids, and healthy fatty acids, are present in full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum CBD contains more than 100 cannabinoids, including naturally occurring CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and trace levels of legal THC (less than 0.3%) that are not psychoactive.

What Is Delta-9 THC?

The THC cannabinoid delta-9 is primarily linked to marijuana’s intoxication effects. It and CBD are the two main types of cannabinoids. It is important to distinguish delta-9 from delta-8 and delta-10 THC, which are also minor cannabinoids with somewhat different characteristics.

The THC molecule delta-9, often known as tetrahydrocannabinol, has the ability to make you feel euphoric when taken in sufficient amounts. However, delta-9 also offers a number of health advantages, such as improving mood, managing stress, and promoting sound sleep, among others.** The hemp (not marijuana) used to make the delta-9 THC in our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen, Maui Wowie Sativa, complies with all THC standards set forth by US law.

What Is Sativa?

Certain scientists categorize all cannabis, including ruderalis and indica, as sativa. In the past, cannabis consumers have distinguished between different strains of the plant according to the shape of their leaves and the effects they produce when ingested. Sativa generally has effects that include stress relief, creativity, and mood elevation—thus the name “getting high.”** We created our Maui Wowie Sativa vape to share these advantages while adhering to legal THC limits.

What Is the Best THC Oil You Can Buy?

You know you’re getting high-quality CBD when you buy a product bearing the CBDfx badge. Our CBD oil is made solely from hemp plants that are organically cultivated on our cutting-edge US partner farms, and it is extracted using pure CO2. Our CBD products, which include our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pens, are all subjected to quality testing conducted by an impartial laboratory.

How Can I Tell If My CBD + THC Vape Oil Is Organic?

When purchasing CBD or delta-9 THC products, make sure to always ask for a thorough report that was completed by an impartial, third-party laboratory. For each and every one of their CBD goods, a respectable CBD brand will supply independent laboratory results. Since we at CBDfx value openness, we gladly include a third-party lab report with every CBD and delta-9 THC product we offer for sale. This implies that you may confirm the strength of your CBD + Delta-9 THC oil and rest certain that it is free of dangerous impurities!

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of a CBD Vape Pen?

The quickest method to feel the effects of CBD (and THC!) is to vape. This is because, in contrast to consuming a CBD consumable or even a sublingual CBD tincture oil, the absorption of CBD and THC into the bloodstream occurs through the lungs, which takes considerably less time. Depending on your body’s tolerance level, metabolism, weight, height, and other bioavailability parameters, you may experience the effects of vaping CBD and THC within a few minutes.

Where Does the CBD in a Delta-9 THC Vape Pen + CBD: Maui Wowie Sativa Come From?

At 420 Buds Dispensary, we only utilize hemp that has been traditionally grown in Kentucky, in the United States, for our CBD products. The United States Government maintains stringent regulations for each and every one of our hemp plants.

  1. Cultivation

Our organically grown cannabis hemp is pesticide-free and contains no GMOs. You can be assured that your CBDfx CBD product is free from all pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals often found in products from less reputable CBD brands.

  1. Extraction

We use a specialized extraction process that utilizes carbon dioxide to remove the CBD oil from the hemp plant. This leaves behind no potentially harmful solvents, as can happen with other cheaper extraction methods.

  1. All-Natural Ingredients

Once the pure, organic CBD oil has been extracted from our cannabis hemp plants, we combine it with other natural ingredients — all quality assured under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

  1. Lab-Tested

An impartial, third-party laboratory performs quality tests on each and every one of our CBD and delta-9 THC products. The outcomes of these laboratory tests are accessible via a QR code on each product label and on the main page of our website.

Types of CBD

Our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen, called Maui Wowie Sativa, uses full spectrum CBD that is extracted using pure CO2 from sustainably produced cannabis hemp. See the differences between various forms of CBD and full spectrum CBD oil.

full spectrum broad spectrum cbd isolate

The Magic Strain: Vaping Maui Wowie Sativa

These disposable vape pens from Delta-9 Maui Wowie are ideal for lounging around. These THC vape pens capture the euphoric effects of the renowned cannabis strain Maui Wowie, providing you with the flavor and mood boost of this iconic sativa while staying below the lawful limits established by the 2018 Farm Bill. You may experience these effects almost instantly with a pen vape, and you can also taste one of the best cannabis flavor profiles available. You can also benefit from the relaxing wellbeing effects of full spectrum CBD in addition to all of this!

Vaping With Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD oil is the first ingredient in our potent CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen: Maui Wowie Sativa chemical profile. As previously stated, “full spectrum CBD” describes CBD oil that is extracted straight from the hemp plant without the inclusion of any additional components or trace levels of hemp THC. Consequently, full spectrum CBD oil has a strong profile of terpenes and flavonoids in addition to all of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis hemp plant, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and less than 0.3% THC.

Full Spectrum CBD and the Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect is a sensation that full spectrum CBD gives its consumers. This phrase refers to the process by which the many constituents of the cannabis hemp plant—flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids—interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system in a way that goes beyond their parallel actions. Rather, the effects of THC, CBD, and the other cannabis constituents actually enhance one another. Therefore, your CBD actually works harder for you in a full spectrum oil-containing CBD product (like our delta-9 pens) than it would if you took it alone.

The Role of THC in Our Full Spectrum Delta-9 Pens

As previously mentioned, full spectrum CBD has trace levels of THC that are not psychoactive (less than 0.3% THC, by law). Similar to CBD, those minute levels of THC offer a host of positive health effects, such as promoting better sleep, reducing stress, elevating mood, and more.** THC, like other cannabinoids, adds to the Entourage Effect, which increases the effectiveness of your CBD. Even yet, keep in mind that while delta-9 THC might make you feel intoxicated if you consume a large enough dose, delta-9 also has a number of health advantages.

We have optimized the wellness potential of THC with our line of delta-9 THC products. We have increased the quantity of delta-9 THC in our CBD oil extract after the THC level was analyzed, bringing it much closer to the legal limit. The legal threshold for THC content in the US is set at 0.3% THC in dry weight hemp. The end result is a delta-9 THC product that gives you the maximum amount of THC wellness benefits while remaining legally compliant (like our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pens!).

The Final Word on Full Spectrum CBD + THC Vape Products

Our goal at Delta-9 THC Products is to ensure your pleasure and well-being with every product, including our vape pens. Our aim at CBDfx is to provide you with the greatest CBD experience we can. With the help of our full spectrum THC vape pens, you can unwind and experience all the wellness advantages of CBD and the beneficial elements of the hemp plant. We hope your journey toward wellness is filled with blessings!

Read Product Reviews or Ask a Question

Our community is the place to be if you have any questions for the CBDfx customer service team, would like to write a product review, or are just curious to see what other people are saying about our CBD and delta-9 THC products!

Exploring Full Spectrum CBD, THC, Vapes, and More!

To keep informed about items like our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen: Maui Wowie Sativa and other exciting subjects on CBD, THC, hemp, cannabis, vape cartridges, and more, check out our educational blog articles!


  • Hemp extract
  • Propylene glycol
  • Natural and artificial flavors


  • 100% organically grown hemp extracted into full spectrum CBD
  • Legally compliant levels of delta-9 THC
  • Large-capacity pen with approximately 800 puffs
  • Ready to use out of the box, rechargeable with Micro USB


Can you ship delta-9 THC products to my state?

Certain states only allow the shipment of specific CBDfx items because to legal constraints. There are states that have restrictions on what can be transported from California, even though certain products and substances might be acceptable in your state. Click this link to check if your state is limited.

What spectrum CBD oil is used in the CBD + Delta-9 Vape Pen: Maui Wowie Sativa?

We utilize full-spectrum CBD cannabis oil in all of our delta-9 THC products, such as our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen: Maui Wowie Sativa.

What’s the difference between full spectrum CBD oil and broad spectrum CBD oil?

All of the constituents of the cannabis plant, such as terpenes, flavonoids, beneficial fatty acids, and cannabinoids (such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and less than 0.3% THC), are present in full spectrum CBD oil. The trace levels of the THC cannabinoid delta-9 have been removed from broad spectrum CBD oil, along with several other hemp-derived components.

Does Delta-9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) get you high?

The kind of THC we utilize in our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pens is called delta-9 THC. It is also often believed that delta-9 THC is responsible for the intoxicating effects of marijuana. That being said, you will get high if you consume enough delta-9 THC. But none of our products containing delta-9 THC are designed with that in mind. If you follow our recommended serving size, all of our CBD products, including our delta-9 THC vapes, oils, and gummies, should not get you high. They are all inside the legal threshold of less than 0.3% THC.

Are Delta-9 THC products made from marijuana?

Delta-9 THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the main cannabinoids found in marijuana, along with CBD. However, the cannabis material used in all of our delta-9 THC products, such as our THC sativa vape pen, is derived from hemp, a low-THC and legal form of cannabis.

Is all cannabis considered “weed”?

The phrase “weed” describes marijuana, the high-THC kind of cannabis. As previously noted, there is a strain of cannabis with a low THC level. We refer to that variety of cannabis as hemp. Instead of using marijuana, we employ hemp in our CBD and delta-9 products. Therefore, this CBD vape pen’s cannabis strain is not “weed.”

Are there THC side effects?

THC can cause temporary side effects for some people. THC side effects can include paranoia, anxiety, red eyes, dry mouth, increased heart rate, slower reaction time, motor control issues, and memory loss.

Is there a version of full spectrum CBD without THC in it?

The CBD oil that is first derived from the buds, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant is known as full spectrum CBD. All of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are present in this potent oil, along with trace levels of THC that are not psychoactive (less than 0.3%, per law). The full spectrum CBD oil is referred to as broad spectrum CBD if the THC is removed through filtering.

Are Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC the same thing as Delta-9 THC?

They are not, that is for sure. One of the two main cannabinoids in cannabis, along with CBD, is delta-9 THC. Considered to be minor cannabinoids, delta-8 and delta-10 THC are found in extremely small amounts in cannabis. In general, solvents are used in laboratories to generate delta-8 and delta-10 THC compounds. Clean CO2 is used to extract the pure and natural organic delta-9 THC that we utilize in our THC vapes and other THC products.

Are full spectrum CBD vapes with Delta-9 THC legal?

All of our full spectrum CBD products (including our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen: Maui Wowie Sativa) are legally compliant under the 2018 Farm Bill.


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