Yocan Groote Box Mod


  • For 510-Threaded Cartridges
  • Small and Compact
  • Oil Level Window
  • Advanced Futuristic Design
  • Hanging Hole for Lanyard
  • Micro USB Charging
  • 320mAh Battery Capacity
  • Pre-Heat Settings
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Yocan Groote Box Mod

About Yocan Groote Box Mod

Yocan is back at it with the Yocan Groote Box Mod, a brand-new 510-threaded cartridge vaporizer. With its many features, the Yocan Groote is a futuristic cartridge vaporizer that’s perfect for enjoying your favorite extracts on specific cartridges. The Yocan Groote Box Mod is designed to suit most 510-threaded cartridges with a width of between 9 and 11.5 mm. Since most cartridges sold on the market today fall within this measurement, the Yocan Groote Box Mod is the ideal 510-threaded cartridge battery for daily users.

This measurement is ideal for individuals who use cartridges on a regular basis. In addition, the Yocan Groote has a strong 320mAh battery that enables extended vaping sessions, which is something you’ll need, particularly while smoking while moving around. There are situations when you simply cannot afford to run out of battery because there may not always be an outlet available for charging. However, the Yocan Groote Box Mod has micro USB charging capabilities, so you can charge the cartridge battery by connecting it to a computer, laptop, video gaming console, or even a portable rechargeable power bank, just in case. This implies that you will always be able to recharge the battery in your Yocan Groote cartridge.

With its three voltage settings, the Yocan Groote Box Mod enables you to fully benefit from the properties of your chosen extracts and essential oils. You can alter the effects of vaping the contents in the cartridge with these excellent temperature settings. Additionally, they let you adjust the vapor’s taste retention factor and cloud density.

Additionally, it has a 10-second pre-heat feature that allows you to vape with your cartridges already heated. Beyond its well-known moniker and thoughtful features, the Yocan Groote Box Mod has a lot more to offer. Therefore, if you’re on the fence about getting a new 510-threaded cartridge battery, be sure to check out the Yocan Groote Box Mod.

Built for Convenience

The Yocan Groote Box Mod was created with a purpose in mind, just like the majority of Yocan’s products. The intention is to give customers a dependable gadget that will benefit from its convenience and usability. This is among the reasons Yocan continues to use a tried-and-true recipe for portable vaporizers, such as the Yocan UNI Pro. Their devices have just one button, which makes it easier for users—like you—to enjoy them without having to put in a lot of work.

yocan groote built

The Yocan Groote Box Mod’s single button follows this design. You can discover the button with your instincts even without having to look at the full cartridge battery because it is precisely positioned in the middle of the battery. The positioning of the buttons and the design are intuitive, making it easier to operate when you’re on the go. An additional benefit of this design is that it simplifies the Yocan Groote Box Mod’s operation.

To turn it on, users only need to quickly tap the power button five times. After that, all they need to do is press and hold the button to continue using it. No more fiddling with temperature settings or waiting for the vaporizer to warm up and release vapours.

Once the gadget is powered on, pressing the power button on the Yocan Groote Box Mod activates the heating element. For a more comfortable way to use, the power button also illuminates when it is activated, providing you with a visual depiction of the action you have performed. You are free from having to check and examine your vaporizer. The action taken is immediately visible.

Its magnetic connections are another convenience-oriented feature. 510-threaded magnetic connections are used by the Yocan Groote Box Mod to connect the cartridges to the battery. With the help of these magnetic linkages, you can simply slip the cartridges into the Yocan Groote Box Mod’s chamber by screwing the cartridges’ 510-threaded connections. This is a really handy method for changing the cartridges without having to worry about damaging the battery’s thread.

High-Quality Vaporization

The Yocan Groote Box Mod has many heat settings, which sets it apart from other cartridge batteries. This is one advantage of utilizing it over other batteries. While some users may find automatic draw-activated batteries convenient, nothing compares to a battery that has many temperature settings.

yocan groote temperature control

The Yocan Groote Box Mod, for instance, has three excellent temperature settings. These heat settings within cartridges are tuned for optimal vaporization of extract. The three well-known temperature profiles are low, medium, and high, respectively. The intention behind the lower voltage levels was to give users more flavor retention along with a milder vapor production.

This just shows that, despite being tasty, the flavor the Yocan Groote Box Mod produces in this configuration is quite pronounced and thin. You can achieve the maximum vapor density and visibility by raising the temperature setting to the maximum. The trade-off is a respectable flavor loss, though.

The extracts’ efficacy is likewise much increased by the higher temperature profiles, although warmer vapors are the trade-off. For people who prefer more dense vapors and have a better tolerance to extracts, the maximum temperature setting is recommended. People seeking a balanced result will benefit from the qualities that the middle-temperature setting provides. The smoke is rich and tasty, with a flavor and potency that are right in the middle. The ideal harmony between the two experiences.

With its straightforward design and understated features, the Yocan Groote Box Mod is the greatest cartridge vaporizer available right now. It gives users a handy way to experience their preferred extracts in specific cartridges. So, why do you hesitate? Now is the time to get a Yocan Groote Box Mod!

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan Groote Vaporizer
  • 1 x Magnetic Adapter
  • 1 x Micro USB charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


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