Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod


  • 400mAh mAh battery capacity
  • USB Type-C Charging Technology
  • Digital OLED Display
  • Adjustable Voltage Setting
  • 510-Threaded Connection for Cartridges
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Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod

About Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod

Yocan, a vape manufacturer based in Shenzhen, has just released the Yocan Kodo Pro vape. The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer is a sequel to the original Yocan Kodo Box Mod Vaporizer, which was a commercial success. Similar to its predecessor, the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer is ideal for on-the-go hits. It has features that were specifically created and manufactured with mobile oil users in mind.

Get a Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer right now—only from Yocan Vaporizer, the original and legitimate source of Yocan vapes.

Small yet capable

It is evident that the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer is a tiny, portable gadget. However, don’t be fooled by its immensity. This travel-friendly oil vaporizer is designed for people who need and want to use their preferred oils when they’re out and about.

The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer’s dimensions were designed to allow it to fit easily in your pocket, purse, or even the palm of your hand. The dimensions of the device are little longer than two inches, almost one inch wide, and slightly thicker than half an inch. This indicates that it is roughly the same thickness as your phone and about the same length as a regular credit card. Because of its compact size, it can fit into almost any pocket on your shirt, slacks, or jacket. Imagine bringing the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer along for a weekend excursion to the mountains or camping with your friends, or just for a Saturday night stroll through the town.

Yocan Kodo Pro features

When it comes to its weight, the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer is perfect for those who want to pack light as the device itself functions perfectly without having to weigh you down.

So, if you want a small — and capable — companion for your daily sessions, then you should check out the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer!

Next-gen battery

Those who have followed the Yocan brand are aware of the company’s penchant for including micro-USB charging ports in its devices. The likelihood that you have a wall charger and a charging cable that work with this technology is slim as Snoop’s smoke. Nonetheless, Yocan has been steadily improving its products lately, adding next-generation USB type-C charging technology to their vaporizers. In contrast to the reliable but antiquated micro-USB charging technology, USB type-C provides more consistent power delivery and speedier charging.

those being said, the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer’s battery should recharge more quickly than those of other vaporizers. This translates to more vaping and less waiting.

Yocan Kodo battery charge

The 400mAh battery used in the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer is a compact design. Despite its small size, it has enough power to evaporate both runny and thick oils. Depending on how much or little you use each day, a single charge may last all day.

The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizers should be recharged once a day for those who use them a little more frequently than others, and they should last for an entire day for those who use them less frequently.

Expect to get enjoy more and vape longer with the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer.

Adjustable voltage settings

All things considered, the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer is a next-generation vaporizer. The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer has an adjustable temperature setting, which sets it apart from other products at the same price range. A fully changeable temperature setting as opposed to a preset option.

The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer has a voltage range of 1.8 to 4.2 volts. The optimal temperature setting for obtaining the flavonoids from your preferred oils is the lowest one. Furthermore, since utilizing a low temperature level results in less noticeable vapors, the low temperature levels are ideal for covert vaping.

Yocan Kodo Pro adjustable voltage

However, if you prefer to feel the powerful effects of your oils, its higher temperature levels are a perfect option. It’s also beneficial if you want to experience vapor clouds that are thicker.

With the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer, you can discover the ideal setting whether you’re a medicating patient or an enthusiastic recreational user.

The (+) and (-) face buttons can be used to fine-tune the 0.1-volt adjustment level. The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer has a small digital OLED screen that shows the selection results. On this screen, users can observe pertinent vaping data such as the battery level, puff counter, operating voltage, and several modes.

510-threaded Connections for Cartridges

Cartridges for the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer are widely available. Customers are able to connect different cartridges to it because to its 510-threaded connection. If you prefer to purchase oils from a specific brand, you can use a pre-filled cart; alternatively, you can attach a refillable cart to it in case you prefer to brew your own.

The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer gains a little height when a cartridge is connected because the 510-threaded connection is located directly above the battery. The cartridge that will be attached to it will not retract inside the battery; rather, it will protrude from the unit. There are certain advantages to this design.

One benefit is that it makes maintaining the cartridge connections on the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer simple. You can effortlessly clean the exposed metallic links’ edges to make sure that nothing is obstructing the battery and cartridge’s connection.

Additionally, it makes the vaporizer small and portable because a recessed cartridge chamber can take up space that isn’t always needed.

The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer’s overall engineering and design make it ideal for people looking for a small oil vaporizer with a lot of features at an affordable price. Get a Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer and be the first person in your group to get this brand-new oil-filled vape from Yocan. Give the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer a try right now!

Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod FAQs

What is the battery capacity of the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer?

The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer has a 400mAh battery capacity.

What materials can I vape with the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer?

You can vaporize oils with the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer.

What size is the threaded connection of the Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer?

The Yocan Kodo Pro Vaporizer has a 510-threaded connection for cartridges.

Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod - details

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Kodo Pro Vaporizer



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