Leaf Buddi X-Enail Wax Concentrate Vaporizer Kit | E-Rig with 1500mAh Battery


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Leaf Buddi X-Enail Kit

Leaf Buddi X-Enail Kit

Leaf Buddi X-Enail Wax Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

A portable Leaf Buddi X-Enail Wax Concentrate Vaporizer Kit with a water bubbler is called the X-Enail dab rig. The X-Enail boasts a large and potent ceramic heating chamber, temperature options, a sleek and compact design, and an inbuilt 1500mAh rechargeable battery. It features an integrated bubble chamber and can be used to preload concentrates straight onto it. The device’s bottom has a concentrate container. Furthermore, the water line in X-Enail is positioned above an LED light, enabling you to see the vapor inside the glass.

The X-Enail dab kit comes super-advanced and contains everything you need to get your show on the go! With the two quartz nails provided, you can delay cleaning and change the nail when it becomes resinous. One of the reasons the X-Enail dab rig stands out from others besides the eNail feature is that it comes with a huge water bubbler.

Going one step further, taking the base off of the device makes it an operational Enail. This implies that for smoother hits, you can insert the end of an 18 or 14 mm water pipe into your X-Enail dab setup. Because of its relative weight, this device should only be used with tubes or beakers; any smaller rigs that you attempted to connect it to would likely be toppled.

The X-Enail dab rig creates lengthy clouds while heating up by placing concentrates of the right size on the quartz coil and fastening the carb cap. For extra filtering, it works with both male and female glass rigs, and the supplied case lets you travel in elegance.

Light transmission technology was used in the development of the product. When the lamp is in use, light from it is directed onto a glass filter, which increases the visibility of the clouds. You wouldn’t think this wax e-rig could accomplish all the magic, but it does, and it tastes fantastic. Depending on the volume, the titanium nail is ideal for concentrating in 20 to 40 seconds. Better than other harsh-tasting treatments for indoor and outdoor use.

The glass bubbler and nail on the X-Enail dab vaporizer accessory are made of ceramic! You may take out the bubbler after using it, and the ceramic component is safe to hold in your hand. This gadget works better for you if concentrates are your primary substance of choice. Both novices and experts can benefit from using the X-Enail dab vaporizer.

X-Enail Dab Rig Features:

Model: X-Enail

Battery Capacity: 1500mAh

Battery Voltage: 3.7V

Airflow: Glass Bubbler

Temperatures: 200°F – 750°F

Coil: Quartz Cup, Ceramic Cup and Titanium Cup

Charging: Micro USB

1x X-Enail Battery Base

1x Glass Attachment

1x Ceramic Cup

1x Quart Cup

1x Titanium Cup

1x Loading Tool & Cap

1x Silicone Storage Container

1x USB Charging Cable

User Manual

Product Box/Case

A portable wax e-nail kit with a water bubbler for flavor and filtration is called the Leaf Buddi X-E-nail Kit. A large and potent ceramic heating chamber, temperature control settings, an integrated 1500mAh rechargeable battery, and a sleek, portable wax e-nail kit design are all included in this X-E-nail kit. With the included bubble chamber in this X-E-nail dab equipment, you may preload your concentrates straight onto it. This particular type even has a concentrate jar attached to the underside of the apparatus. Additionally, you may see the vapor inside the glass by looking at the water line above an LED light. Everything you require for portable dabbing!


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