Electric Dab Rig Under $100

Electric Dab Rig Under $100

If you’re on an electric dab rig under $100 or just getting started with concentrates, check out our collection of dab rigs under $100. Buying a nice dab rig on a budget is difficult.

So, we’ve handpicked this selection to help you quickly discover an inexpensive glass oil rig! Our collection contains a selection of one-of-a-kind dab rigs that vary in style and user experience. This enables you to choose an oil rig that properly meets your requirements at an extremely low cost.

Puffing Master has a great selection of low-cost erigs. High-quality, portable, and powered by electronics. We offer a large assortment of electric dab rigs under $100 or $50. Your new favorite dab rig is just a click away, and it will arrive quickly and reliably.

It is tough to locate the ideal rig. We do, however, offer a choice of portable erigs. In addition, we’ve included a list of the best electric dab rigs under $100. Shop our shop now for affordable dab rigs! Enjoy a fantastic smoking experience for the rest of your life!

We also offer a selection of electric dab rigs. Refer to dab rig accessories for more information.

Electric Dab Rig Under $100
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Showing 1–12 of 55 results

Cheap Electric Dab Rig Under $100

Why purchase a costly rig when a basic but quality item can be had for $100 or less? Come check out our selection of dab rigs under $100. Our assortment includes top-selling, low-cost dab rigs that give exceptional performance.

How do you know you’re receiving high-quality gear at such a low price? That’s because you’re buying at King’s Pipe! We don’t do anything halfway, and that includes providing you with the smoking and dabbing supplies you need at reasonable pricing. These aren’t inexpensive dab rigs, but they’re far from subpar.


Our selection of electric dab rigs under $100 includes well-known brands like GRAV Labs, AFM Glass, and our own King’s Pipe Glass. In our unique assortment, you can get rigs in a broad range of shapes and colors from these brands and more.

Additionally, a local glassblower makes each item sold by King’s Pipe Glass. It is then extensively examined before leaving the glassblower’s workplace, resulting in unparalleled attention to detail. Check out all of our low-cost dab rigs and decide for yourself!


Dab rigs are typically water pipes that have been modified to hold wax concentrates. They are more heat-resistant than wax vaporizers or dab pens. They’re also wonderful for sharing hits (if that’s your thing).

We’re excited to provide you with this variety of high-quality, low-cost dab rigs that will allow you to get the most out of your wax concentrates. When you buy with us, you get free and discreet domestic delivery.

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