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Disposable Vape Pens For Sale

Your cravings for vaping can be easily satisfied with disposable vape pens. Disposables are available for use right out of the package and come pre-filled with high-strength nicotine.

Make sure your vaporizer is fully charged and filled with e-juice without any concern. Larger models are available for longer-term use, although disposables are mostly compact devices designed for mobility and discrete vaping. Look through our inventory to select the best disposables for you.

Disposable vapes are convenient, widely used e-cigarettes that are ready to vape straight out of the package. The e-liquid or battery life of the device is exhausted, at which point the gadget is disposed of.

  • Pre-filled with salt nicotine vape juice, which tends to have higher doses of nicotine, providing a quicker and more satisfying nicotine buzz that’s similar to smoking.
  • It comes in a wide variety of flavors
  • Draw-activated firing mechanism, ensuring ease of use
  • Compact, lightweight and discrete on-the-go device
  • Cost-efficient
  • Low vapor production helps to avoid unwanted attention, usually associated with large vape mods that have bigger cloud production
  • Single use: no hassle of worrying about charging the device or refilling with e-juice
  • Recyclable and Eco-friendly
  • Similar to hitting a cigarette, which may be helpful for smokers to make a smooth transition to vaping
  • Usually more intense flavor due to the more restricted airflow inherent in most disposable vape devices
Disposable Vape Pens For Sale
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Showing 1–12 of 31 results

Disposable Vape Pens For Sale

Disposable vape pens are becoming a more and more popular vaping choice since they are effective, portable, flavorful, and convenient. These are all-in-one vaping kits with e-liquid already included. There are no coils to change, no buttons to push, and no tanks to fill.

Disposable draw-activated vape pens come with pre-charged batteries. Mi-Pod Wholesale is a master distributor for well-known vaping firms like EBCreate and Lost Mary, and it only carries the best brands.

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last?

Disposable vape pens for sale have pre-charged batteries in addition to being pre-filled, so they’re ready to use right away. Many well-liked and longer-lasting disposables have a type-C charging port.

This combines mobility with an e-juice capacity of almost 10 ml and a high puff count.

A high-capacity disposable vape’s e-liquid capacity can last for several days, and the batteries are usually large enough to support a full day of vaping before requiring a recharge.


There are disposable vape pens available with capacities of 6 ml and 3000 puffs; they resemble pens and don’t require charging.

Consumers frequently search for the device with the most puffs. The e-liquid content and coil resistance control the number of puffs. The toughest disposables may indicate up to 8,000 puffs on their label.

Naturally, these are estimates because the amount of e-liquid used in a quick puff and an 8-second inhalation differs greatly.

A disposable vape pen usually has a volume of about 6 ml and a puff count of about 3000, unless the battery is very big.

The disposable vape pen is “dead” or empty when the taste starts to diminish or when the indicator light starts to flash. Disposables lose flavor and performance when the battery level drops below 25%.

They also lack the advanced chips found in sub-ohm mods and refillable pods. While rechargeable vape pens may be quickly resumed, traditional disposable vape pens have this significant drawback.


These days, the most widely used disposable electronics are shaped like little lozenges, fit into the palm of your hand, have a small mouthpiece that is shifted to one side, and charge via USB-C.

Distinct brands and distinct tastes are the most obvious differentiators. Big Smoke’s smoke and menthol-flavored pods, sold alongside disposables at many convenience stores, require bright packaging to attract attention. It’s no small accomplishment, but some new disposables can measure the amount of e-liquid and the remaining charge.

Disposable Vape Performance

Strong flavor, not thick vapor, is what disposable vapes for sale are meant to deliver. Most use strong salt nicotine and are far less noticeable than a sub-ohm mod that produces massive clouds. Because disposable vaporizers have a higher nicotine content, they can still produce a satisfactory amount of vapor.

This makes it possible to utilize lower wattage settings and higher resistance coils for effective draw-activated mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.
Higher-wattage devices and vape mods frequently provide significantly more airflow for a direct lung (DL) effect.

The majority of disposable vape users are unlikely to care about such subtleties because their preferred gadget is designed to function at its peak right out of the box.


As previously said, a little disposable device may operate admirably because it is pre-filled with nicotine. The latest models also include advanced mesh coils that preserve flavor after vaping through 10 to 20 milliliters of e-liquid. The disposable’s simplicity of draw activation is just as important as the type of e-liquid used. In the absence of a USB-C charging port or a battery/e-liquid life indicator, the mouthpiece serves as the user’s only interface.


Disposable vapes for sale are rapidly incorporating features, previously restricted to device replenishment, as their endurance and capacity increase. Some disposable vaporizers have had adjustable airflow for a very long time. Disposable vape pens may include a twisting ring to stop the airflow, but the well-liked Orion Bar 7500 features a clever and effective adjustable airflow control switch on its base.

Utilizing LED battery-operated display indicator lights is a relatively new innovation. This is crucial information to know because a throwaway battery can require multiple charges over the course of its life and last up to a week. There are also lights and indicators that keep track of your e-juice level.

These features will probably appear on more recent devices because it is hard to gauge how much time is remaining on a device that can emit 5000, 6000, or even 10,000 puffs. It’s common to use a simple red, yellow, and green light scheme.

Disposable Vape Flavors

Most flavors of disposable vape pens include a cooling element and are reminiscent of fruit and candy flavors. These varieties of e-liquid are popular among adult vapers, and most manufacturers and brands sell the flavors that consumers purchase.

Throwaway vaporizers aim to deliver strong nic salt performance and pleasing flavors, as anyone who has vaped one can attest. When it came to disposable vaporizers, Puff Labs was a pioneer, combining flavors like blue raspberry with salt nicotine.


Unlike pre-filled pods, disposable vapes are available in flavors other than tobacco and menthol. The strong flavors of disposables are meant to pierce adults’ dulled taste senses, which is an important quality considering that they are frequently sold in physical locations close to combustibles.

Strong performers today include Flum, Lost Vape Orion, Flonq, Esco Bars, Lost Mary, EBCreate, and more. In addition to rechargeable disposables, Funky Republic also offers the Fi3000, which is a clear replacement for conventional disposable vape pens.

Browse our wide assortment of disposable vape flavors online to find your new favorite taste. If the brand of your choice is no longer available, we provide a wide range of taste alternatives.

Disposable Vape Nicotine Strength

Most disposable vaporizers use salt nicotine, which offers a flavorful and pleasant experience from a small, low-powered device. The idea behind the disposable vape is to use a smaller battery because it requires less power.

The use of a high-resistance coil and airflow restriction for a tight draw, similar to a drag, limits the amount of e-liquid that evaporates per puff. Nonetheless, some vapers find that a disposable vape is more convenient to use and don’t want to deal with nicotine concentrations higher than 50 mg.

There are disposable vapes with less nicotine available for these adult consumers.


One type of processed nicotine that is frequently present in e-liquids is called nicotine salts. To create a vaporizable saltnic juice, they are combined with flavors, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. Salt-nic juice is most frequently used in disposables. There’s no reason why a box mod and low-nic e-liquid couldn’t be used with salt nicotine. It is merely one kind of nicotine; free-base nicotine is the other.

Pure nicotine, the base, combines with benzoic acid and other organic compounds to form nicotine salts. This interaction results in a significant decrease in pH. At levels higher than 24 or 36 mg, freebase nicotine becomes too bitter to consume; however, salt nicotine can generate a pleasant vapor at twice that dosage.


There are two main advantages of nicotine salts for free-base nicotine. To begin with, they inhale far more smoothly, which enhances the pleasure of vaping, particularly when the nicotine dose is higher. Studies reveal that salt penetrates the blood-brain barrier and is absorbed into the body more quickly. The molecule might last longer because of its increased stability.

Safely Disposing of a Disposable Vape

Look for a local battery recycling facility or make an inquiry at the vaporizer of your choice. Before throwing away your disposables, you can store them safely, depending on how soon you vape.


In this case, it is imperative to store lithium-ion batteries appropriately before disposing of them, not only to protect the environment but also to avert any fire hazards. To ensure secure storage, take the following actions:


Deplete the battery completely, if at all feasible. You should be able to more effectively balance the remaining charge with the remaining e-liquid using modern disposable vapes that are equipped with e-liquid and battery monitoring monitors. A disposable vape pen should be fully depleted before being discarded.


Although contemporary disposables are incredibly dependable, retain the silicone stopper that comes with the disposable and replace it in the mouthpiece when your disposable vape pen dies to avoid unintentional activation.


Lithium-ion batteries should be stored away from flammable objects in a cool, dry place. Don’t drop your disposable device to cause damage. If possible, store it in a covered, strong metal container. Those who use disposable vape pens and could have a vape device cemetery will find this helpful.

Recall that you shouldn’t just toss your vape device and batteries in the trash or recycling when it’s time to dispose of them. Take them to a recycling facility or a place approved for the collection of hazardous garbage instead. You can get helpful information from your local government or waste management company.

Save Money and Reduce Waste with Mi-Pod 2.0+

Refillable pod kits, such as the Mi-Pod 2.0+, provide a more economical and environmentally responsible way to vape. The same salt nicotine is used in modern refillable pod kits as in disposables, but they also have a coil that can handle higher-VG, thicker liquids. Refilling a pod kit, such as the Mi-Pod 2.0+, is fairly easy.

Disposable battery waste has decreased with the use of rechargeable batteries. Ten or even fifteen milliliters of e-liquid can be vaped with a rechargeable battery that has a 500–600 mAh capacity. Disposable vape pens that are not rechargeable use batteries that can hold up to 1000 mAh and have an e-liquid capacity of no more than one-third.

Although rechargeable devices, although not totally reusable, are a step in the right direction, it is still critical to properly dispose of your disposable items. Lithium-ion batteries must be disposed of in a certain manner.