Utillian 8

Utillian 8

For individuals who utilize high-quality concentrates, the Utillian 8 E Rig provides the most advanced vaporization experience. Utillian 8 combined the safety and convenience of battery-powered vaporization with the cooling and hydrating qualities that water bubblers are renowned for with this e rig. The features of the U8 are intended to extract all active components in your wax effectively, enabling even the most simple wax to taste delicious while carrying a punch.

This electric wax rig comes with terp pearls and a ceramic and stainless steel BurstHit 3D heating chamber. The inbuilt multi-tool enables users to select between hot and cold loading and eliminates the need to carry numerous sticky tools, allowing your device to stay clean for longer. The combination of these characteristics makes the U8 the best-valued e-rig on the market.

Utillian 8
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Utillian 8

  • 9.0
    Vapor Quality
    Vapor Quality
  • 9.5
    Manufacturing Quality
    Manufacturing Quality
  • 8.5
    Temperature Flexibility
    Temperature Flexibility
  • 9.0
  • 9.0
    Battery Life
    Battery Life
  • 9.5
    Ease of Use
    Ease of Use
Overall Score9.5


  • ManufacturerUtillian
  • Battery3150mAh
  • ControlSingle-Button
  • Heat time: Seconds
  • Heating StyleConduction
  • Temperature4 Different settings
  • CompatibilityWax
  • Compatible with Utillian Bubblerno
  • Compatible with Zeus Icebornno
  • Warranty1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty
  • MaterialsBlack Zirconia Ceramic, Stainless Steel SS304, Silicon Rubber, Glass, Aluminium, Plastic, and Fabric
  • Generation 2nd Generation

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You’re seeking for an e setup that can properly extract your high-quality wax. The extraction technique may become more expensive if you want to keep the flavor and active ingredients in your wax. That’s why Utillian has features that simplify maintenance, mobility, and overall convenience straight out of the box.

Customers may choose between four temperature settings on the BurstHit 3D Atomizer, which are indicated by a simple LED interface. Higher temperatures encourage more efficient extraction, but lower temperatures result in more intense flavor. The combination of the heating chamber’s raw power and water filtration allows for strong yet smooth blows.

Utillian also included a built-in multi-tool that functions as a choke, dab tool, and carb cap all in one, eliminating the need for extra tools. The detachable device fabric cover is made of a special material that is comfortable to hold while using the zirconia multi-tool. It is not only stylish, but it also enables users to quickly customize their smartphone by changing the cloth cover to create a number of different patterns.


The BurstHit 3D atomizer contributes to the Utillian 8’s strong vapor taste and density ratings. This cutting-edge heating chamber is made of stainless steel and ceramic, maintaining all flavors while delivering powerful impacts. The ceramic surface of the heating chamber is easy to clean, which is crucial for enjoying the genuine taste of your high-quality wax.

Utillian also has four unique temperature ranges, which increased its versatility. The short 20-second heat-up time allows customers to extract all active components in one shot when hot loading. The hot loading technique involves waiting for the equipment to heat up before adding any wax to the chamber.

Those who do not want to wait for the chamber to heat up may cold load their wax using the integrated multi-tool, allowing the wax to trickle directly into the chamber. We don’t recommend cold loading for those who want to get the most out of every session, but it’s great to know that users may choose which loading method is best for them straight immediately.


Utillian contains a multi-function tool made of heat-resistant, long-lasting zirconia. This tool is multipurpose since it may be used as a choke, wax tool, and carb cap.

The integrated tool is essential for preventing a sticky, wax-covered tool from leaving marks on your table or surface, which must be cleaned away after each refill. Because the wax will melt off the long tool during the heating process, it is not required to enter it directly into the heating chamber with the U8.

You can stir your hot material as you would with a standard rig since the tool extends a few millimeters above the bowl. This tool also removes the need to constantly open your carb cap to see how much material you’ve used, which is important since it leaves less wax in the air and more in your hits.


Terp pearls are used for the first time in the Utillian 8 e rig. These ruby terpene pearls assist reduce wax puddles by spinning around while inhaling and thoroughly churning up your wax. The little holes on top of the carb cap enable you to fine-tune the device’s airflow.

Using your index and thumb to alternate between the holes will generate turbulence, more effectively mixing the vapor with the air and moving the terp pearls about the chamber, increasing the user’s experience and vapor.

The ruby pearls also help to ensure that all heated areas of the BurstHit 3D heating chamber are utilized, preparing the surface for optimal flavor extraction. The inclusion of wax pearls right out of the box demonstrates Utillian’s effort to provide a similar experience to a traditional dab rig with the added convenience of an electronic rig.


The multicolored glass mouthpiece or ‘bubbler’ by Utillian is a first in the e rig industry. Utillian designed the glass mouthpiece with the user in mind since the form prevents splashback. Because the tinted glass prevents grime from showing through, you may use the bubbler for longer periods before cleaning it.

The Utillian 8 makes cleaning even easier thanks to its retractable vapor channel and features that prevent filth formation in the first place. With reduced dirt collection and the addition of the tinted glass bubbler, you may be able to spend more time enjoying your sessions and less time cleaning.


  • 4 Temperature Levels
  • 3150 mAh Battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • LED User Interface
  • Single-button control

How can I clean the Utillian 8?

The detachable vapor channel and features that prevent dirt from gathering make cleaning the Utillian 8 easy. Tinted glass also conceals debris and allows you to use the bubbler for extended periods of time before cleaning. With reduced filth accumulation and a tinted glass bubbler, you may have more delightful sessions while spending less time cleaning. A Zeus Purify Solution may be used since it has everything you need to clean the U8.

How do I use the Utillian 8 E Rig?

First, use the provided USB-C cable to charge the Utillian 8 E Rig. Connect the glass bubbler and fill it with water. Fill the atomizer with a little quantity of concentrate using the multi-tool from the base. To turn on the multi-tool, return it to its original position and press the button five times.
It is heating up, as shown by a flashing blue LED. When the mouthpiece becomes solid blue, start breathing through it. Press the button three times to adjust the temperature; the LED color changes to blue (400°F), green (500°F), purple (600°F), and red (800°F). Press the button five times to turn it off.

How long does the battery last on the Utillian 8 e rig?

The battery life of the Utillian 8 is governed by your use and temperature settings. It has a 3150 mAh battery that enables around 30 sessions when fully charged. Higher temperatures or longer sessions, on the other hand, cause the battery to drain quicker. It also shuts off after five minutes of idleness to save energy.

What is the purpose of the multi-tool in the Utillian 8 E Rig?

Use the multi-tool as a carb cap to increase vapor production and flavor. The integrated multi-function tool on the Utillian 8 E Rig serves as a choke, wax tool, and carb cap. It promotes convenience by eliminating the need for additional equipment, maintaining cleanliness, and helps with proper material agitation.

What heating chamber does the Utillian 8 E Rig feature?

What temperature options are available with the Utillian 8 E Rig?

How do the included ruby terp pearls enhance the vaping experience?

The Utillian 8 E Rig has ruby terp pearls, which aggressively swirl and disperse the wax in the heating chamber. This improves flavor extraction and guarantees that all hot zones inside the BurstHit 3D heating chamber are fully used.

What makes the tinted glass mouthpiece of the Utillian 8 E Rig unique?

The tinted glass mouthpiece, or “bubbler,” lowers splashback and keeps debris at bay. It improves user convenience and makes cleaning easier. You may have cleaner sessions and concentrate on your activities thanks to its distinctive design.

What materials are used in the construction of the Utillian 8 E Rig?

The Utillian 8 E Rig incorporates a variety of materials, including black Zirconia ceramic, stainless steel SS304, silicon rubber, glass, aluminum, plastic, and fabric. These materials contribute to its durability and user-friendly design.

Can I customize the appearance of the Utillian 8 E Rig?

Yes, the Utillian 8 E Rig features a detachable device fabric cover that can be swapped out to create different looks. This innovative material not only adds style but also enhances your grip during sessions.