Puffco Dab Pens

Puffco Dab Pens

The most popular brand of wax and dab pens on the market is probably Puffco Dab Pens and Dab Rigs. Global recognition has been accorded to their inventiveness. Most vapers prefer Puffco over other brands because of its cutting-edge technology.

In Brooklyn, New York, all Puffco products (Puffco Peak, Puffco Plus) are made with the connoisseur in mind. We offer the complete line of Puffco accessories, which includes spare atomizers and chambers. Please let us know if there is anything specific you’re looking for that isn’t listed, and we’ll include it with your purchase!

Puffco Dab Pens
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Puffco Dab Pens

Puffco Latest Releases

The ideal instrument for slicing and putting your dabs on is the Puffco Hot Knife.

A straightforward water bottle masquerading as a Puffco Budsy pipe! Brand new for 2021!

Recently launched is the Puffco Peak PRO electric dab rig! published in 2020.

Puffco Dab Pen Rig (2018) When Puffco unveiled the Puffco Peak, their flagship dab rig, in 2017, it created quite a stir. The introduction of the Peak satisfied the demand for fantastic portable dab rigs and pens as dabbing gained popularity. The Peak’s robust design and 20-ounce capacity make it one of the best new products of the year.

Puffco Wax Pen

Puffco Plus V2: Are you trying to find the most recent Plus version? By pressing down and adjusting the material to the desired location, you can extend the “dart” by using the newly designed mouthpiece, which has more functionality. Concentrate waste is reduced. They also changed the pricing to $89.99, added a new glossy finish, and altered the logo.

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Puffco: Innovation in Vaping

Arguably, the Puffco Wax Pen brand is most known for producing premium portable vaping accessories. Puffco’s exclusive line of vape pens, atomizers, and tethers uses only the highest quality products to provide you with the best vaping experience. We make sure that vapers who are always on the go get the best experience possible by creating a line of products that are easy to use and transport.

What makes a Puffco vape pen different?

The Puffco Wax Pen provides a variety of fashionable and compact accessories for the ultimate smoking experience, catering to those who desire more from their vaporizer than just a bulky square battery. Puffco vaporizer tools are distinct from your typical vape supply in three key ways:

  • A seamless, elegant design
  • Our integrated dart loading tool
  • The compact accessories


There are several reasons why the Puffco vaporizer is different from other vapes in its class. Above all, our products are renowned for their simple, sophisticated designs, as seen by the Puffco Plus Prism containers and the Peak travel bag. Similar to other vape pen brands, Puffco offers vaporizers that are sized like pens and mouthpieces that have a bell shape. Our customers are instantly enamored with the Puffco Plus due to its flawless design.
The Dart Loading Tool
The difficulty of learning how to use pens is one of the reasons people are reluctant to try vaping. There are numerous locations where you may purchase the Puffco Plus because of its user-friendly dart loading system. This way, you won’t have to deal with changing coils, fiddling with cotton, or disassembling a million parts. It’s quite easy to start smoking with the dart loading tool because it snaps into place.
Our Accessories

Our commitment to producing sophisticated, well-balanced products extends beyond our vaporizers. We specialize in products that are simple to access while traveling, as our online inventory demonstrates. We use lightweight, thin materials for our tethers, carb caps, prism packs, and replacement chargers to ensure portability.

It shouldn’t be difficult to vape. You may spend more time smoking and having fun with Puffco vape pens, and less time customizing your device. If you are looking for a basic and clean design, Puffco is the place to go.