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Dab Pens are a trendy option for consuming dabs, waxes, and concentrates on the go.

The purpose of a dab pen is to rapidly evaporate concentrates or CBD isolates without the use of a flame. Vaping concentrates, as opposed to smoking them, reduces the amount of pollutants consumed. Wax pens, typically fashioned like pens, provide a convenient on-the-go option for concentrate users.

Wax Dab Pen

The sale of wax pens and oils has given the culture a completely new experience, and we have the equipment to handle it! A dab pen is a popular choice among smokers for their next purchase due to its ease of usage and portability.

It is now possible to evaporate concentrates using a small electric pen-shaped vaporizer rather than a traditional dab burner and dab rig. Pressing the button triggers a small coil, vaporizing your wax and dabs for easy swallowing.

Dab pens are discrete and compact enough to carry around in your pocket and use whenever and wherever you please.

Smoke Cartel only provides the highest-quality products, despite the fact that not all dab pens are the same. We look at the following elements:

  • Battery Life: Only high-quality, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Coil Quality: We recommend quartz or ceramic coils for the best flavor.
  • Size: A good dab pen should be portable and easily fit in your pocket.
wax pens for sale
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Wax Pens For Sale

For dab smoking, dab pens and wax vaporizers are great substitutes for traditional dab rigs. Concentrate vaporizers—like dab pens—are growing in popularity because of their accessibility, discretion, and simplicity of use. The best way to dab without a setup is with a dab pen. For further details, see our blog post here: What is a dab pen specifically?

How much does a dab pen cost?

The price of a decent dab pen can range from $30 to $100, depending on the style and brand. We provide an extensive selection of wax vaporizers and dab pens in our online headshop.

Do dab pens stink?

While dab pens might not smell as bad as traditional dry herb smoke, that doesn’t mean you should use them on Sunday mornings at church. If that’s a concern, they still smell strongly enough to be an annoyance indoors. There’s still vapor.

How should a dab pen be used?

Depending on the dab pen you’re using, it may vary, but when you turn it on, the medication should generally vanish with a slight tug. Consult the handbook that came with your specific gadget.

What is the lifespan of dab pens?

How long the concentrate will actually last on the shelf is dependent upon several factors, such as storage, content, and quality. If packaged and stored correctly, the concentrates should theoretically last indefinitely, but improper preparation could speed up their expiration.
It’s like wondering how many licks it takes to reach the core of a tootsie pop or how many hits your focus pen can withstand. A lot of variables are involved, including how often you smoke, how many hits you take, how long you drag, and so on.
Plant extracts, such as wax and CBD isolates, can be evaporated with a wax pen. Small, light devices that resemble regular pens are called wax pens. They are commonly referred to as dab pens or wax vapes. These gadgets make it possible to avoid smoking’s awful taste and harmful toxins.
They don’t need a flame and are a portable substitute for bigger sets. The three main parts of every dab pen are the mouthpiece, heating chamber, and battery. We have compiled a list of the top dab pens for your convenience and ease of use. Wax pens for drying plants are much the same as portable vaporizers.

What is the difference between a dab pen, wax pen, shatter pen, and concentrate pen?

These terms are mostly merely synonyms. In places where cannabis is allowed for either medical or recreational purposes, wax and its derivatives are sold or prescribed. Wax pens frequently utilize CBD isolate as another CBD derivative.

The patient or user may refer to the equipment differently depending on the type of wax they consume. These substances are also known as shatter, crumble, caviar, live resin, and diamonds.

Therefore, we can refer to the device as a dab pen, shatter pen, or wax pen. These pens are all identical and designed to work with any type of solid wax.

How Do You Use a Wax Pen?

  1. Place your dab or wax into the heating chamber.
  2. Press the button five times to turn on the dab pen.
  3. Press the power button 2 or 3 times, depending on the brand of the device, to select your desired temperature or wattage setting. Lower settings create more flavor, while higher settings generate larger clouds.
  4. Press to engage the heat by holding the button for 2-4 seconds.
  5. While holding the button down, inhale from the mouthpiece.
  6. Hold the vapor for as long as you wish before exhaling.

For more detail, feel free to watch the “How to Use a Wax Pen” video above on this page.

How do you clean a wax pen?

  1. Pour some ZEUS Purify solution or rubbing alcohol into a small container.
  2. Soak parts like mouthpieces after ensuring that the part is resistant to the cleaning solution.
  3. Soak the bucket and coil atomizers in alcohol and give them ample time to dry. Soak such components for less than 20 minutes.
  4. The heating chamber should be heated while empty and dry to burn off any leftover residue.

Zeus Grime wipes and sticks can expedite and simplify this process.
It is advised to regularly replace the heating element or chamber.

Sometimes replacing a component is a better option and requires less effort than cleaning. The best taste will come from a new heating chamber. Check out our wax pen cleaning instructions and video to find out more about the process.

What is a dab pen atomizer or coil?

Each dab pen vaporizes the extract inside a heating chamber. An atomizer, sometimes referred to as a coil, is the heating tool that turns your medicinal concentrates into vapor.

The atomizer or coil, of the wax pen heats up when the power button is pressed. At this temperature, CBD isolate or wax turns into vapor.

Atomizers fall into two categories based on their configuration: bucket atomizers and exposed coil, or coil, atomizers. Bucket atomizers are the best for flavorful vapor production and low maintenance.

However, coil-based atomizers are frequently better at producing massive clouds.

See our guide on wax pen purchases to learn more about the distinctions between wax atomizers.

Coil vs Bucket Heating Chamber

In an exposed coil heater, a coil is wound around a pole at the base of the heating chamber. By pressing the power button, the coil becomes heated. Wax is turned into vapor by the heat generated.

Because it requires less battery power, this style of atomizer is very popular. Compared to bucket-style heating chambers, they heat up faster and create bigger clouds.

We use bucket warmers to replicate a traditional “banger” on a glass setup. Adding your extract to the bucket causes a dab of it to evaporate. For the best vapor, fill it hot; for ease of use, fill it cold. The wax is not in direct contact with the heating element.

It warms the bucket containing the concentrate. This process results in less but more flavorful vapor as the wax melts more gradually and uniformly.

In addition to being significantly easier to clean, bucket styler warmers may offer excellent flavor for an extended period of time.

What Temperature Should I Set for My Wax Pen?

Voltage or temperature variations between low and high are common with shatter or wax pens. Instead of referring to the temperature attained, voltage describes the amount of power applied to the atomizer.On average, vapor produced at lower temperatures is less thick but tastes better.

Longer sessions and more pulls per dabbing session are possible when the temperature is lowered.

Wax pens heated to higher temperatures produce bigger clouds and a drier flavor profile. Heating temperatures accelerate the consumption of extracts.

Wax pens work well as “daily drivers” due to their tiny size. But an electronic dab rig is the way to go if you want the best combination of flavor and thickness of vapor. You may also use an IceBorn or bubbler in conjunction with your dab pen to fine-tune it.

More information about the proper temperatures to use for vaporizing terpenes can be found on our page.