Anlerr Huuka Dab Rig | Concentrate Wax vape Kit E-Nails with 1800mAh Battery


Starter Kit for Anlerr Huuka Electric Dab Rig Overview of the Huuka product line How to begin using Anlerr Huuka 1. Turn On/Off: To turn on or off the device, continually press the power button five times.

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Anlerr Huuka Dab Rig

Huuka product overview How to start Anlerr Huuka

1. Turn On/Off: Press the power button five times continuously to turn on/off the device. The bottom led will flash five times in white light when it’s turned on. And the bottom led will flash five times in red light when it’s turned off. It will have a temperature memory function (it will be at the temperature you set last time when you turned on the device).

2. The power button LED lights indicate different battery levels: four grid-100%, three grid-75%, two grid-50%, and one grid-25%. The LED will flash while charging. All four-grid LEDs will light up when fully charged.


3. Three temperatures: Bottom led Green: 3.4V, 500°F Bottom led Blue: 3.6V, 550°F Bottom LED: Purple: 3.8V 600°F


4. Sesh Mode: Long-press the power button for 3 seconds. Then it will activate 35 seconds ‘of’sesh mode’ (5 seconds of pre-heat time, then 30 seconds of warm time). The bottom LED will flash when pre-heated. Bottom LED keeps lighting on when it’s ready to use after pre-heat time. then it will be in standby mode after 35 sesh mode.


5. Temperature Switch: You can press the power button three times continuously to switch the temperatures you want in sleep mode. Every time you switch the temperature, the device will restart the 35-second session mode.


6. Abnormal prompt: Bottom LED flashes eight times with a red light, indicating a short circuit. Power button flash 10 times indicates low battery and need to be charged.

7. If no one cooperates, the device will shut off automatically after five minutes. Huuka kit comes with brain and battery. Glass smoke intake pipe, glass mouthpiece, and glass cup Two pieces Atomizers in ceramic cups Manual Cleaning Swab for USB Line


Huuka Kit includes

Battery brain

Glass Mouthpiece

Glass cup

Glass smoke intake pipe

2pcs Ceramic cup atomizers

USB charging cable


Cleaning swab


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