Mingvape Dippo Dab Wax Pen Vaporizer Kit | with 650mAh Battery Portable


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An integrated 650mAh battery powers the wax vaporizer in the Mingvape Dippo Dab Wax Pen Vaporizer Kit. The battery may be recharged in 1.5 hours via the Type-C connection. Additionally, the Mingvape Dippo dab nectar collector uses a glass water bubbler for taste filtration, which sets it apart from basic wax vaporizers. However, the Mingvape Dippo dab nectar collecting kit comes with a simple case that comes in five different colors.

Mingvape Dippo Dab Nectar Collector Design

The Mingvape Dippo dab nectar collector has an intriguing appearance that is also practical and useful. The device’s small size (164 x 38 x 22.5 mm) is similar to the Lookah Seahorse pro dub pen variant in certain ways. Additionally, the Dippo can be disassembled into four parts: the glass bubbler, the protective glass cover, the nectar collection, and the battery section. In addition, the Mingvape Dippo dab nectar collector comes in five different colors: Cyan, Red, Black, Grey, and Blue. It weighs 108g. The casing has one operating button with an LED indicator and no display. Additionally, the Type-C port is used on the front side of the Mingvape Dippo dab nectar collection.

Mingvape Dippo Dab Pen Nectar Collector Functionality

A 650mAh battery meant to run on wax concentrates powers the Mingvape Dippo dab pen nectar collector. The battery has a temperature range of 300F to 800F and can produce three different power output levels: 3.4V, 3.7V, and 4.2V. Moreover, the Mingvape Dippo dab pen nectar collector does not use a wax compartment, in contrast to the majority of wax vaporizers. Furthermore, the Mingvape Dippo dab pen nectar collector has a useful feature in the form of a tip that acts as a heating element to evaporate wax.

Preheating Mode

To operate the item, you often have to push the power button. There’s a preheating mode on the Dippo for added convenience. In many circumstances, the preheating mode extends the life of the heating tip and yields a clean flavor. A series of double taps on the power button activates the preheating mode.

Mingvape Dippo Electric Dab Nectar Collector Battery

An integrated 650mAh battery powers the Mingvape Dippo electric dab nectar collector. The Type-C connectors allow the Mingvape Dippo electric dab nectar collector to be charged with a 5.0V/0.5A power input. Furthermore, the battery is outfitted with every conceivable safeguard to guarantee the device’s sustained functionality.

Water Filtration

The mouthpiece on the Dippo wax vaporizer glass bubbler is not the sole feature. The water filtration in the glass bubbler cleans the steam that is exhaled. In addition, the water in the glass bubbler cools the vapor, enabling larger puffs that cause only mild respiratory irritation.


Product Type: Dab Pen Nectar Collector

Model: Mingvape Dippo

Power: 650mAh Battery

Battery Type: Integrated Rechargeable

Coils Replaceable: Yes

Connection: Screw-In 510 Thread

Resistance: 1.2Ω

Temperature Levels:

Low- 3.4V

Medium- 3.7V

High- 4.2V

Safety Protections:



Low/High Resistance



Charging Requirements

AC/USB Current: Max 5.0V/0.5A

Charging Compatibility: Type-C

Charging Time: Two Hours

Colors: Cyan, Red, Black, Grey, and Blue


Height: 163mm

Width: 38mm

Depth: 22.5mm

Weight: 108g

Dippo Included:

1x Dippo Dab Pen

1x Glass Bubbler

1х Cap

1x Heating Tip

1x Cleaning Brush

Type-C Cord

Tips to prolong device lifespan

charge the vaping device only by the original cord

the battery must be charged each time fully

during the recharging process, keep the device under attention

never charge the device on a wet surface

don’t shock or throw the vaporizer

keep the vaporizer away from sunlight

if the device heats up during the vaping session, turn it off immediately

never use damaged devices

store the device in a dry, dark place away from children and animals

Button combinations

The Dippo concentrate collector employs three-button combinations:

The device turns On/Off by pressing five times on the power button;

Pressing three times- changes the voltage mode;

Pressing two times- turns on the preheating mode.


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