Yocan Armor 510 Battery 380mAh


  • 510-Threaded Connection
  • Preheat Settings
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Robust Design
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Yocan Armor 510 Battery 380mAh

About Yocan Armor Battery

Yocan Armor Battery, new from Yocan’s latest concentrate pen, delivers the same level of performance and dependability as Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer. This implies that using your preferred 510-threaded oil cartridges for dabbing will yield results that are comparatively similar. Reliable 510-threaded connections are available for your choice of pre-filled or refillable cartridges with the Yocan Armor Battery.

Additionally, it features warmed settings that let you prime and prepare the cartridges ahead of time. The oils are guaranteed to be melted and heated to produce quick vaporization using the preheat setting. Additionally, preheating the cartridges improves airflow. With only a few button presses, you can customize your sessions with the Yocan Armor Battery’s preset temperature settings, which further enhances your experience.

If you use the Yocan Armor Vaporizer or just wish to have the same experience with your favorite thick oil cartridges, the Yocan Armor Battery is the greatest battery money can buy. The finest 510-threaded battery available right now is the Yocan Armor Battery. Ensure that you are among the initial proprietors of these batteries. Purchase them right away!

Optimized for Cartridge Vaping

Although the Yocan Armor Battery was first created and constructed to be used with the 510-threaded wax atomizer, its features made using it with 510-threaded cartridges inevitable. Yocan includes indicator LEDs on the Yocan Armor Battery to display the battery’s operating temperature. It operates on three different temperature levels: one light indicates low, two indicates medium, and three indicates hot. This implies that you can monitor the battery’s voltage even while you’re far away.

The temperature settings are as follows: 2.5 volts for the lowest setting, 3.0 volts for the medium setting, and 3.5 volts for the highest setting. While the higher temperature setting produces more intense hits and full-bodied vapors, the lower setting gives tasty and smooth draws from your chosen thick oils.

Fast Charging for On-The-Go Use

Micro USB charging is available for the Yocan Armor Battery, making it easier to charge while you’re out and about. When utilizing devices for 510-threaded cartridges, one of the biggest issues is that you have to keep looking for a power outlet to recharge your battery. A desktop computer, a laptop, or even a portable power bank can be used to recharge the Yocan Armor Battery by using a micro USB charging cable.

This implies that even in the absence of power outlets, you may simply recharge your battery. Being able to recharge the battery in a variety of ways means that you can use the vaporizer without worrying about having to shorten your sessions.

You can practically always use your preferred oils and cartridges wherever you go thanks to the Yocan Armor Battery. With a power bank, you can actually replenish the battery to power up whenever and wherever you choose. The best cartridge battery for use when traveling is the Yocan Armor Battery. Purchase yours right away!

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan Armor Battery


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