Yocan FLAT Series Dab Pen Battery


  • 350mAh to 900mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB Type-C Charging Technology
  • Variable Voltage Setting
  • Pre-heat Setting
  • 15-second Safety Cut Off
  • New Square-shaped Design
  • 510-threaded Connection
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Yocan FLAT Series Dab Pen Battery

About Yocan FLAT Series Dab Pen Battery

Yocan recently released a new dab pen battery that has the potential to revolutionize vaping. The Yocan Flat Series Dab Pen Battery is now available. The mobile vaper in mind informed the design of this little vaporizer battery. It has a new feature that is really basic but powerful, together with all the features that Yocan’s consumers appreciated about its previous product.

Let’s look at what devices are included in the Yocan Flat Series Dab Pen Battery collection.

Yocan Flat

The Yocan Flat is a dab pen battery that has a square-shaped shell, as the name would imply. The Yocan Flat won’t fall off the table because to the flat surfaces on each side of the boxy shell. This is ideal for customers who set up their vaporizers on top of their desks and use them while using a computer.

When you need to store your vape pen batteries while you’re out and about, the Yocan Flat’s flat design makes the perfect shape. A dab pen battery with a squarish casing will fit in most pockets and carry cases more easily than one with a circumferential shape. In addition, it is more likely to stay in your grasp than a circular vape battery and feels nice in the hands.

Because the body’s exterior is composed of premium aluminum, it is both strong and lightweight. After that, a rubberized coating is applied to give it extra grip for times when you just want to hold the Yocan Flat in your palms.

The Yocan Flat measures less than an inch thick, a little under an inch wide, and a hair over three inches tall. It also has a square power button located on the upper part of the battery which you can use to toggle through the various voltage settings offered by the device.

Yocan Flat Slim

Like the other members of its family, the Yocan Flat Slim comes with three voltage options. The square-shaped power button noted above, which is situated on the top portion of the vape pen battery, can be used to adjust these voltage levels.

Starting at 2.6 volts (V), it is tuned to the lowest setting. For individuals who want to extract the flavor and aroma from their essential oils and wax concentrates by vaporizing them, this voltage setting is ideal. After a demanding workday, dabbing in this environment has the perfect relaxing benefits.

The middle voltage setting then registers at 3.2V. This temperature profile still produces flavorful and aromatic vapor, but it has a little more strength. In light of this, this is a fantastic option for customers who wish to declutter and become creative in the event that they lose their creative inspiration.

At 3.8V, the temperature reaches its greatest point. By doing this, you can extract the materials’ extremely effective active components and realize the full potential of your materials. When you wish to fall asleep deeply, this is an ideal situation.

All Yocan Flat Series Dab Pen Batteries have these three voltage options.
Additionally, while we’re talking about batteries…

Yocan Flat Mini

Another model in the Yocan Flat Series Dab Pen Battery line is the Yocan Flat Mini. This gadget is one of the more potent models in the series because it has a 400 milliampere (mAh) battery. The Yocan Flat Slim features a 350mAh battery, whilst the Yocan Flat has a 650mAh battery for comparison’s sake. The Yocan Flat Plus, the most potent of the four, pushes the boundaries with its massive 900mAh battery. In a moment, we’ll arrive at the Yocan Flat Plus.

A USB Type-C charging cable attached to the charging brick of your choice can be used to replenish the Yocan Flat Mini’s battery. There’s a good possibility you have a USB Type-C cable and a suitable charging brick sitting around because so many devices use the same charging technology.

Consequently, you can refuel the Yocan Flat Mini using the same wall charger and charging cord that you use to charge your phone, tablet, or video gaming console, which making it a very flexible gadget.

Furthermore, the Yocan Flat Mini has fast charging capabilities thanks to USB Type-C charging technology. As a result, you won’t have to wait long to get back to your session. The ideal vape pen battery for people who are constantly on the go is the Yocan Flat Mini.

Yocan Flat Plus

The Yocan Flat Plus dab pen battery has all the features you would want from a top-tier model, as one would expect from a device with the “Plus” mark.

The Yocan Flat Plus, like its smaller siblings, has a universal 510-threaded connector that lets users connect a huge range of coils and atomizers to the device. That being stated, it’s the ideal vaporizer battery to use with your coils and atomizers for wax, as well as your pre-filled and refillable cartridges. Because of its 0.8 Ohm cartridge resistance, you can connect almost any commercial cartridge available today.

Moreover, the Yocan Flat Plus has extra functions that are intended to simplify and improve the convenience of your workouts. These are the pre-heat setting and the 15-second safety cut-off feature. When the heating element is left on for 15 seconds, the former automatically shuts off the vape pen battery. In contrast, the latter enables the owner to pre-heat specific materials so that the Yocan Flat Plus starts producing vapors as soon as the button is pressed. If the vaporizer is being used in a chilly climate, it also functions by melting any oils that have solidified.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to be one of the first owners of the Yocan Flat Series Dab Pen Battery. Get it only here at Yocan Vaporizers.

Yocan FLAT Series Dab Pen Battery - details

What’s in the Box

  • 1 X Yocan FLAT Mini / Yocan FLAT Slim / Yocan FLAT / Yocan FLAT Plus


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