Crossing CORE Portable E-Rig Kit


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Crossing CORE Portable E-Rig Kit

What do you get when you cross a dab rig with a vaporizer? You get an e-rig.

The Crossing CORE Portable E-Rig Kit functions as a desktop wax vaporizer and e-nail. E-rigs are one of the most popular and cutting-edge ways to smoke because they allow you to get the full dabbing experience in a quick, easy, automated, portable, and powerful way.

The Core is among the top-tier e-rigs, with features such as haptic feedback, adjustable temperature control, and automatic or manual heating modes. The heart and soul of the rig come from Crossing’s Sai Plus/Sequoia coils, with a triple titanium/black ceramic rod coil pre-installed and engineered with top-of-the-line precision. It also includes titanium and quartz bucket coils, each designed with a deep chamber and embedded element to maximize the full symphony of flavors from your dabs.

The Core incorporates four preset temperature settings, each calibrated to the optimal temperature to suit a wide range of preferences. Within 10 seconds, the device is preheated and ready to use, automatically shutting off after 50 seconds.

A thick borosilicate glass water bubbler filters and diffuses vapor to ensure a smooth hit. Also included is a glass carb cap with directional airflow control that allows you to fully utilize every last drop with nothing going to waste.

If you’re looking for a new way to dab that utilizes all of the most cutting-edge contemporary innovations available in vaping technology today while combining them with the tried-and-true principles that ensure a quality dabbing experience, stop looking. It’s here. When a vaporizer and a dab rig are combined, what do you get? You receive an e-rig.

The Crossing Core is an e-rig that doubles as an e-nail and desktop wax vaporizer. One of the most well-liked and innovative methods to smoke is with an e-rig, which makes it simple, quick, automated, portable, and potent to enjoy the entire dabbing experience.

Top-tier e-rigs like the Core have features like haptic feedback, temperature control that can be adjusted, and heating modes that can be used manually or automatically. Crossing’s Sai Plus/Sequoia coils are the lifeblood of the setup; a triple titanium/black ceramic rod coil is pre-installed and expertly built.

Additionally, it comes with bucket coils made of quartz and titanium, each with an integrated element and deep chamber to enhance the complete range of aromas in your dabs.

The Core has four pre-programmed temperature settings that are all perfectly tuned to accommodate a diverse variety of preferences. The gadget automatically turns off after 50 seconds and is preheated and ready to use in 10 seconds.

To guarantee a smooth hit, vapor is filtered and diffused using a thick borosilicate glass water bubbler. A glass carb cap with directional airflow control is also included, enabling you to use every last drop and not waste any.

Quit searching if you’re seeking for a new dabbing method that combines the most advanced modern breakthroughs in vaping technology with time-tested guidelines to guarantee a high-quality dabbing experience. This is it.


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