Key Features:

  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • Pre-Heating Function
  • Manual Heating Function
  • Glass Bubbler
  • Glass Carb Cap
  • Titanium & Quartz Buckets
  • Triple Titanium Coil
  • 3000mah of battery

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The Core E Rig

With four temperature settings, three different coils, a glass bubbler, and a 3000mAh battery, the Core E Rig is one of the most cheap e-rigs on the market. Shenzhen created and marketed the Core Side Mouthpiece Glass Bubbler (sold separately) in response to a minor design flaw in the original glass bubbler. Shenzhen Crossing has announced the Core 2.1 version of this series, which offers a slew of new features as well as enhancements to some of the original Core’s key features.


  • 8.0Vapor QualityVapor Quality
  • 7.5Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality
  • 8.0Temperature FlexibilityTemperature Flexibility
  • 7.0PortabilityPortability
  • 8.0Battery LifeBattery Life
  • 8.0Ease of UseEase of Use

Overall Score: 8.4


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HOW TO CLEAN: The Core E Rig

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You Should Get Crossing Core E Rig

You want to ditch the standard torch and rig arrangement in favor of a more cost-effective e-rig. The Core offers everything you’d expect from a higher-end e-rig at a fraction of the price, making it an excellent choice for people on a limited budget.

Crossing Core E-rig Includes Quartz & Titanium Buckets

Enjoy your wax in your own unique manner. The Core provides customers with two bucket options: quartz or titanium. Quartz is believed to have the greatest taste, although titanium transfers heat more rapidly, resulting in superior cloud creation.


Crossing Core E Rig also includes a triple titanium coil geared towards monster draws, able of making quick work of large amounts of concentrate.


Crossing Core E Rig has two separate heating modes. The Core portable e-rig’s auto-heating mode is activated by pushing the power button twice, which sends heat to the coil for 60 seconds. Manual heating works by pushing and holding the power button for up to 15 seconds, giving you additional control over your session.


The Core offers 4 voltage settings: 2.6V, 2.9V, 3.9V, and 4.2V. The 2.6–2.9V range is geared towards the triple titanium coil, while the 3.9–4.2V range is catered towards the bucket atomizers.


The crossing core e-rig has a unique water bubbler that is designed for smooth draws and can detach from the Core vape for easy cleaning.


A whopping 3000 mAh internal battery powers the Core E-Rig, giving users substantial amounts of battery life.


The Core E-Rig itself is covered by a 12-month hassle-free warranty. Normal battery deterioration and regular wear and tear of your Core portable e-rig’s coils and glassware are not covered. If anything goes wrong with your Core vape during the first 12 months, please contact our customer care staff.

Feature Packed

  • Holds up to .3g of wax
  • Dimensions: 96mm (length) x 61.5mm(width) x 172mm (height)
  • Child Lock
  • USB Charging
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcharge Protection


How to clean the coils?

When removing coils, always be careful not to cause any damage to the pins. Then just soak it in 90% isopropyl and leave them for 20 minutes, and gently clean them with cotton swabs. Never use water for cleaning.

How do I clean my core DAB rig?

We recommend using isopropyl alcohol or a dedicated dab rig cleaner after every few sessions. Use isopryopyl alcohol to clean out that dab tool or carb cap. Use a cotton swab to clean the heating atomizer regularly.

Why is my bubbler leaking?

When the bubbler is overfilled or if you blow into it instead of drawing out of it, it might leak, and the water can cause harm to your device. Before the next usage, turn off the gadget and thoroughly dry it.

Is The Core Dab Rig worth it?

The Crossing Core e-rig is an excellent instrument with several advantages. Overall, the Core is presently one of the greatest e-rigs on the market and is well worth the money. It is crucial to note that Core 2.0 will be released shortly and will include several quality of life and performance enhancements.

What is the warranty timeframe on my coils or buckets?

Within 3 business days of receiving your order, It’s important to test all coils when you receive them. If you have a defective coil, be sure to email right away. Keep the coil, as it will be needed for confirmation.

How can I prolong the session with the device? It turns off after 60 seconds.

When pushed twice, the gadget turns on and vibrates when it is ready for use. Hold the button for 6-8 seconds to lengthen the session. To safeguard the device, if you press the power button for more than 15 seconds, the gadget has a 15-second firing time before it reaches the auto shut-off feature.

Only utilize red and blue light modes with the Triple Titanium coil. Pressing the button twice activates the pre-heat feature. Blue is for medium heat, while red is for low heat.

You may utilize the white and green light modes on the Quartz Bucket Coil. White represents medium-high, while green represents the highest.


“The Core is a great device with a lot going for it, including the price point, the kit it comes with, the interchangeable coils and the vapor quality off of the hits you can get.” – The Core E-Rig Review


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